The Liberty Handheld Fogger for Pest Control, when work and home converge.

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Where I live in NJ, if you don't treat the exterior of the home, front and backyard, with pest control annually, you are asking for problems. A few weeks ago, I sprayed my property with 16 gallons of pesticide using the Liberty Backpack Sprayer (I will write a review about that another time, and hopefully we will have them back in stock in 2 weeks).

Unfortunately, what I forgot to do, was spread ant granules around the perimeter of my home. Ants can nest deep underground, or in the case of some ants, under the siding of a home. So, while spraying insecticide can limit their movement and population, it is always a good idea to use the granules, as they act as bait, and damage the ant colony.

I was working late last night at the office, and my wife called me to inform me our kitchen was being invaded by large ants. I always like to wiggle my way out of doing work, particularly after working a long day, but the last thing I wanted was to wake up with a kitchen full of ants. Additionally, the fact that I work at a company that sells sprayers for pest control (among other uses), and have access to all of the products, really didn't leave me with a whole lot of excuses.

It was late at night, and I didn't need to treat the entire home, so I took a Liberty Cordless Handheld Fogger home with me, mixed up a small batch of insecticide, and got to work.

I test all of the products we sell, so I knew our handheld foggers would do the job, but there is a difference between testing an item, and actually using it. This was the first time I had actually used the fogger for pest control, and it was extremely impressive.

Not only was I able to treat along the baseboards of the kitchen, but by placing the fogger nozzle right up against voids, it enabled me to treat behind cracks and voids that I normally would not be able to treat.

Additionally, due to the fact that the fogger creates a fine mist, the 800ml of insecticide went a lot farther than it would with a sprayer,enabling me to treat all the window- sills of my home  (I do that periodically to prevent carpet beetles) and still havesome insecicide left over.

The Liberty Handheld Fogger made job easy and quick. Hopefully, I don't run into this problem again, but if I do, I will be a lot less hesitant to deal with it knowing how quickly it can be taken care of.

I took a video of myself as I was treating my home so I can share the experience. Unfortunately, due to the white/grey tile in my kitchen, combined with my poor videography skills and equipment, the fog/mist didn't show up in the video. I did some spraying in my living room which has darker floors where the mist is clearly visible, and have video of that which I will post below (ended up editing a 10+ minute video down to 2 minutes).

FYI: In case you are wondering, there haven't been any ants in my kitchen since I sprayed.

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