The Liberty Fogger VS. The Liberty Backpack Sprayer, Which One is Best for Your Lawn and Garden?

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Our customers often ask us which of these tools are better for their outdoor Lawn and Garden needs. While they are both high quality tools, they are distinctly different machines, and which one is more suitable for you, depends on your specific needs.

Fogger Advantages 

  1. Finer mist uses less chemicals which can save you on costs
  2. Has a much greater reach, up to 20 feet horizontally, and 7 feet vertically allowing you to spray lower branches on trees or higher bushes
  3. Covers a larger area at one time, allowing you to get the job done more quickly.

Backpack Sprayer Advantages

  1. All-Day Rechargeable Battery eliminates the need for outlets and extension cords
  2. Heavier and more directed spray (which is a benefit for some applications)
  3. Larger Reservoir (16 Liters for the Sprayer VS 10L for the fogger - will explain why later on)

Spraying for Mosquitoes - There is a reason professionals use foggers. It uses less chemicals and allows for quicker coverage than sprayers, saving them time and money. Foggers also have the power to reach the lower branches of trees, where mosquitoes may take refuge.

Personally, I own both machines, and used the sprayer last year for mosquito control in my backyard. We were in the testing stage of the machine, and I wanted to see how long the battery would last.

My property doesn't have many trees, and the sprayer worked well. I used Suspend SC, and didn't have any mosquitoes in the backyard last summer.

Spraying Weed Killer and Grass Fertilizer - Typically, this requires a heavier coverage than pesticide. you would also want a more directed spray at the area you are looking to spray, so the sprayer would be the tool most suited for this.

Delicate Flower Beds - The backpack fogger has a very powerful flow, so it may damage flower beds when sprayed directly at close range, so our Liberty Backpack Sprayer would be more ideal for this purpose (Although the fogger can be used at a distance or with indirect spray. Many of our customers use the fogger in greenhouses).

Pesticide Crack and Crevice Spraying - This would be something the sprayer is more suitable for. The fogger emits a broad mist, not something that is suitable for targeted crack and crevice spraying.

Thankfully, as an employee of Liberty Sprayers, I  have the luxury of owning both machines. This year, I will be using theLiberty Backpack Fogger for Mosquito Spraying, and the sprayer for weed and feed spraying.

But if you are looking for an all around tool for all your backyard tasks, and are looking to purchase a single machine, the sprayer is the more rounded tool for your backyard tasks

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