A Buyers Guide to Liberty Foggers, Misters and Sprayers.

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Liberty Sprayers offer a variety of Foggers, Misters and Sprayers, and while in many cases, their capabilities overlap, and they all have applications in Agriculture/Gardening, Pest Control, and Disinfecting, certain products are more suited for specific tasks. We will break down each product group, their strength and weaknesses. to enable you to match the ideal product for your needs.

This guide is not about the advantages of our products over our competitors (check the product listings for that). It is to inform our customers so they can match the best tool with your needs.

Liberty 10 Liter ULV Backpack Fogger

The Liberty ULV Backpack Foggers puts out a very fine mist over a large area in a relatively short period of time.

Pest Control:  This is an excellent tool for backyard mosquito control and can be used with popular products like Bifenthrin. It emits a fine even mist so you get maximum coverage with little wasted product. While the 1400 Watt Motor requires it to be plugged in, the fogger can be used with an extension cord to provide additional coverage.

The Liberty ULV Backpack Fogger can also be used in any application where you would typically use a fumigator (bug bomb). And is the best choice for use in barns, ranches and kennels.

For crack and crevice treatment, or a home barrier treatment, this is not the best option. the Liberty Backpack 4 Gallon Sprayer, or Handheld Foggers would be a better option

Agriculture: The Liberty ULV Backpack Fogger is an essential tool for Greenhouses. It can be used to increase humidity, foliar feeding, pest control, and mold/mildew control (particularly when combined with Hypochlorous Acid). It is equally beneficial for large planted outdoor gardens.

Disinfecting / Mold Remediation: Ideal for use in disinfecting and mold remediation, allows you to cover a lot of area in a short period of time

Please not a respirator should be worn when used with harmful chemicals.


Liberty 4 Gallon Battery Backpack Sprayer

This product is your traditional commercial grade battery sprayer. It comes with 5 different nozzles which gives the user some flexibility, but it is a sprayer, not a fogger. It provides a directed spray at a targeted area.

Pest Control: If you are looking for a tool for crack and crevice or barrier applications, this is the tool for you. The sprayer creates a directed spray ideal for this purpose.

Agriculture: Ideal for weed control, fertilization, or control of turf dwelling pests. Many of these products require a heavier application than a fogger provides, the sprayer also gives you more control of where the product goes, and where it does not.

We do not recommend this product for disinfecting. While it could work in a pinch foggers offer broader, more even coverage, which is ideal for disinfecting.

Liberty Handheld Foggers / Misters

If you think these look like paint guns, you aren't wrong. They are high quality paint guns, however, we include smaller diameter nozzles which make them ideal as foggers/ misters. Please note, we only recommend the corded version for Latex Paints. The cordless work for stains, polyurethane and water proofing, but we do not recommend them, or any cordless sprayer for latex paint.

Pest Control: When combined with the included 1mm nozzle, these products are an excellent choice for crack and crevice control along with interior barrier spraying. The finer particles allow the chemicals to penetrate deep into cracks and crevices.

Agriculture: Ideal for grow rooms, or small outdoor gardens or potted plants.

Disinfecting / Mold Remediation: If you are looking to disinfect smaller areas, dental offices, examination rooms, etc., this would be your choice


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