Extended Review of The Liberty 4 Gallon Backpack Battery Sprayer

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We test all of our products before we make them available to the public in order to insure performance and quality. I had the opportunity to do more than that with the Liberty Battery Backpack Sprayer.

I am fortunate to have a half acre of lawn. Aside for all the regular pests, ticks are a big issue where I live, and if not treated, my lawn is more weed than lawn. This gave me the perfect opportunity to use this sprayer in a "long term test drive".

I used a total of 24 gallons of chemicals total to treat my property (pesticide and weed control). Here is a summary of what I experienced.

1) Fluid is heavy: The sprayer itself is not particularly heavy at 16.5lbs, however, a gallon of fluid weighs 8.3lbs. Multiply that by 4 and you have 33lbs of weight, added to the weight of the sprayer, and you at 50lbs.

While this is heavy, I got used to the weight after a few minutes, and i wasn't much of an issue over my next hour plus of use. If one does find that the weight is an issue, they do not have to fill the sprayer fully (most of the weight is the fluid).

2) How to properly gear up: If you try to lift the sprayer from the ground onto your back...good luck. the back can handle a lot more weight than your arms attempting to lift it, but that isn't the real problem. The problem with lifting it onto your back, is that once you get one shoulder in, and you attempt to reach out for the second shoulder strap, it keeps swinging out of reach.

Simple Solution is to place the sprayer on a table (in my case I used stairs), place your arms through the straps, and lift off the table/stairs

3) New Appreciation for the Rubber Padding: The padding on the back is rubber for a reason. Other materials could provide a cushion, but the advantage of the rubber, is that is kept the sprayer from shifting around during use, which made the experience a whole lot easier. The sprayer is ergonomically shaped to curve to the back, this combined with the rubber padding preventing the sprayer from moving at all during use, and I had no back pain at all after use.

4) The performance of the sprayer: The sprayer itself comes with 5 nozzles, I only used one of the single head nozzles for my purposes. the sprayer did an excellent job of evenly disbursing the chemicals.

5) Variable PSI Control: The sprayer has a knob to adjust the PSI. At first, I had thought that a higher PSI, the sprayer would perform better. However, my objective was to direct the chemicals towards the lawn, and I was using a single hole nozzle, so I found that not to be the case.

At a higher PSI, the spray turned into a heavy mist, and there was wasted spray getting blown in the air, as opposed to the lawn. So I turned the knob down to the lowest PSI setting, and this kept the discharge as a directed stream towards the lawn. Please note, if you are using one of the nozzles with multiple heads, or more holes, it may spray in a stream even at a higher PSI setting (there is a nob where the PSI can be easily adjusted)

6) Battery Life: I knew the battery was supposed to last for up to 25 tanks (100 gallons), but was still impessive to experience it. I sprayed 24 Gallons (6 tanks), and the battery indicator was still had all the bars lit.

7) Design Quality: Note the green base on our sprayer. Before we offered this product, we were choosing between various designs. Many backpack sprayers are made as a single piece PVC. It is a design we were considering as it looks clean and modern, we chose not to at the urging of our manufacturing partner who touted the quality of the current design.

After using this sprayer, I see why. When full with chemicals, the sprayer weighs 50lbs, that creates a whole lot of pressure and wear on the bottom of the sprayer if you place it on concrete (which I did each time I filled he sprayer). I can easily see a "one piece" sprayer eventually getting a whole in the reserviour as a result. The base on the Liberty Battery Backpack Sprayer prevents this from being an issue.

8) Necessary differences between the Liberty Backpack Fogger and Sprayer: One thing that is obvious if you own both are backpack sprayer and fogger, is that the plastic reservoir on the sprayer is thicker. The reason for this becomes obvious once you use both.

The sprayer has a 4 gallon capacity whereas the fogger capacity is 2.6 Gallons, that is a difference of 14lbs, for a total weight difference of 16lbs when full. The extra thickness of the Liberty Backpack Sprayer insures that it can hold up well under that additional weight

This may lead one to question why did we make a fogger with a 2.5 gallon capacity, and a sprayer with a 4 gallon capacity. Why not 4 gallon for both?

The reason is that the fogger creates a finer mist, so you can cover more area with less fluid, if the sprayer would have a capacity of 2.6 gallons, that would require the user to have to refill more often. At 4 gallons it has the perfect balance of being manageable, while having sufficent capacity.

Summary: If you are looking for a high quality, large capacity backpack sprayer, with a battery that will last you all day long, the Liberty 4 Gallon Battery Backpack Sprayer is the  product for you.

To purchase click on this link https://www.libertysprayers.com/collections/featured-products/products/liberty-4-gallon-backpack-battery-powered-sprayer


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