Introducing our Liberty 5 Gallon Battery Sprayer,

Posted by Sam Petegorsky on

It's been a long time in development, but out Liberty 5 Gallon Backpack Sprayer is now available for sale.

Many of the functions are the same as that of our 4 gallon battery backpack sprayer, including the battery life, motor, adjustable pressure, wand and attachments. No reason to change what already works well.

The Liberty Gallon Sprayer differs from our 4 gallon primarily in 2 ways, it has a larger capacity, and it features wheels and a pull handle to make it easier to maneuver for those who don't want to carry all the weight on their back.

A gallon of fluid weighs 8.3lbs. Five gallons of fluid weighs over 41lbs, add in the weight of the sprayer, and the total weight fully loaded, is 57lbs, thereby explaining the benefits of of wheeled mobility.

While our high quality wheeled sprayer is a great tool, we weren't satisfied stopping there. We also realized that some people in some circumstances, may prefer to carry the sprayer on their backs (areas of high grass, sand or similar areas where wheels do not work well).

For this reason, aside for the wheels, we also added a rubberized back pad and padded pack straps to the sprayer. So it can be maneuvered either by wheels, or via backpack.

While the weight fully loaded may be a lot (still less than some gas powered sprayers and foggers), due to the fact that most of the weight is in the fluid, you can partially fill it to lower the weight in areas where accessibility via wheels is limited.

To find out more, or to purchase the Liberty 5 Gallon Backpack Sprayer Click Here

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