Still Buying Pre-Made Hypochlorous Acid for Your Dental Practice, Why?

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There are many uses for Hypochlorous Acid in Dental Practices. The most well known, being for use as a safe disinfectant. But it is also used as a oral rinse to fight infection, and to prevent mold/mildew buildup in water lines. Many dentists are aware of this, and purchase ready made Hypochlorous Acid from Dental Supply Distributors at a cost ranging from $30 to $60 gallons per gallon.
Yet Hypochlorous Acid can be obtained far more economically and conveniently by making it with a Hypochlorus Acid Generator. Which makes one wonder, why most dentists who use HOCl, are still purchasing the expensive pre-made HOCl. Based on our experience and research it is for the following reasons.
1) Some dentists are still not aware of the ability to make their own HOCl easily. Many dental practices purchase their supplies from Dental Distributors, and selling selling pre-made HOCl is far more profitable for the distributors than selling HOCl Generators, so they have no incentive to suggest them or even make them available for sale
2) A myth that making your own HOCl is complicated or difficult. For those who are not familiar with Hypochlorous Acid Generators, the prospect of making your own HOCl may seem daunting. The reality is it is extremely simple. Add some non iodized salt and vinegar to water, press a button, and 15 minutes later you have Hypochlorous Acid. (we have videos on our website that demonstrate how easy it is to make)
3) Fear about the quality of the product. While there maybe some sense of assurance in a product that comes pre-made with a label, the fact is you can have more quality control when you make hypochlorous acid yourself.
Hypochlorous Acid can degrade over time and is impacted by the way it is made and stored, by making it "fresh" yourself and testing it with both Chlorine Test Strips as well as pH Test Strips to insure the proper range of pH, you can insure the efficacy and quality of your own HOCl
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For more info about Hypochlorous Acid, and their use in Dentistry, check out or other Blog Articles.

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