Update on our 2 Liter Hypochlorous Acid Generators

Posted by Sam Petegorsky on

Some of our customers have been wondering what happened to our original 2 Liter Hypochlorous Acid Generator. The initial in-stock date was October 4, but it has now been pushed off until the end of the month.

The good news is, that the product is in port being offloaded, so we don't anticipate any further delays, although it still has to make its way to our warehouse in NJ (which we anticipate it doing by the end of the month)

I usually take pride in my ability to manage the supply chain, and keep products in stock, so here is a little background on what happened.

We worked on our newer 2 Liter HOCL Generator for months bringing it to market. Initially, we anticipated replacing the original model with the newer one. Didn't seem practical to carry 2 similar models, and although the original model was a good machine, the new one was improved.

What we did not anticipate, is that many of our customers find us from word of mouth and referrals, many had seen and liked the original machine, and where looking specifically for it.

Additionally, the newer model is more expensive to produce, and we have to sell it at a higher price. Although the price difference is not huge, it is significant enough to make a difference to most people, particularly in this economic climate were costs are skyrocketing.

As a result, we reconsidered, and decided to offer both options to our customers going forward. However, the initial decision caused us to run completely out of stock before ordering more from our contract manufacturer. Even with the delays, we anticipated the new inventory to arrive October 4, but it got caught  at the height of the backup at the ports.

I apologize for the delay, and it should be available again at the end of October.

So now our customers will have 2 good options for a 2 Liter HOCL Generator. In addition ot our 13 Liter, and 2 in 1 HOCl Generators


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