Liberty 5 Gallon Wheeled Sprayer Battery + Backpack Professional Grade 2 in 1 for Lawn, Garden, Pest Contol, Greenhouse

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The Liberty 5 Gallon Commercial Grade Battery Powered Sprayer incorporates the best features of our 4 gallon sprayer, while adding extra capacity, along with wheels and a pull handle, to accommodate for the extra size.

We did want to limit the options, so for those who prefer to carry the sprayer on their back, this sprayer also features an ergonomically shaped back, rubberized back-grip for comfort, and padded back-straps. So whether you prefer the convenience of a wheeled sprayer, or a backpack sprayer, The Liberty 5 Gallon backpack sprayer combines both in one.


  • Long Lasting Lead Acid Battery for up to 125 gallons on a single charge
  • Durable High Quality Reservoir
  • Large 5 Gallon Capacity
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Wheels along with a pull handle
  • Ergonomically shaped back with rubberized padding, and padded back straps
  • Reinforced bottom to prevent compromising the reservoir
  • Includes 5 different nozzles for various uses
  • Adjustable stabilizing screws keeps the sprayer stable while on the ground or filling
  • Large opening with strainer for easy filling
  • Metal Spray Wand
  • Rubberized Handle for Maximum Comfort

5 gallons of fluid weighs about 41lbs, together with the 16lb weight of the sprayer itself that would be 57lbs total weight when full. For many, that would be a lot of weight to carry on the back, which is why we made this model with wheels. 

We added the capability to carry it on your back because sometimes it maybe more convenient (areas of high grass, or sand, etc). Most of the weight is in the fluid itself, so if you do need to access areas that would be difficult with wheels, and you find the fully loaded weight difficult to carry, you can always add less than full capacity of fluid to lower the weight, and use it in that manner.


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