Hypochlorous Acid for Pet Owners, Farms and Animal Breeders.

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My daughter loves Rabbits including her own rabbit "Winter". She followed the Instagram account of a excellent breeder who often posts pictures of her bunnies.
She recently told me that the breeder had to temporarily shut down operations, because their was a deadly (for rabbits) virus spreading throughout.
If you breed animals, or even have a single pet, you are likely aware that it is suggested to frequently disinfect their cages. this is true whether you have Rabbits, Hamsters, Birds/Chickens etc. A dirty cage or pen provides a welcoming breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and mites, disinfecting helps mitigate that.
Up until now, there were few convenient options. The standard disinfectant, bleach, can be harmful to animals, and has to be thoroughly rinsed prior to allowing the animal back in.
Hypochlorous Acid is a great solution, not only is it more effective than bleach, but it is safe for animal and human contact. Commercial Hypochlorous Acid Generators have been growing in popularity in large farming operations (HOCl is even certified Organic by the EPA).
Now their is a solution for smaller scale operations, and even individual pet owners. Liberty Sprayers Hypochlorous Acid Generators allow you to make your own Hypochlorous Acid using only tapwater, non-iodized salt, and vinegar. Our HOCl machines range from 2 Liters in Capacity to 13 Liters
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