Alkaline Water VS Hydrogen Water are they the same thing?

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The consumption of Hydrogen and Alkaline water has been on an upwards trend. They have been extremely popular in Japan, garnering over 10% of the bottled water market, and are seeing increasing popularity in the U.S.

Often these terms, Alkaline and Hydrogen Water, are used interchangeably, but are they the same thing? The short answer is..NO.

First we need to understand what Alkalinity is. Liquid with a pH of 7 is neutral, anything below a pH of 7 is acidic (the lower the pH the higher the acidity), and anything above a pH of 7 is considered Alkaline (the higher the pH the greater the alkalinity).

The pH in natural bodies of water can vary widely, depending on mineral content, bedrock, and other substances that occur naturally in the water.Consequently, there are varying ways to increase the Alkalinity of water, including by adding baking soda.

Hydrogen Water on the other hand, is created by infusing Hydrogen Ions into water. A natural way to do is by separating the Hydrogen Molecules from the Oxygen Molecules found in water (H20), then blocking the Oxygen Molecules from the water (which is where a good SPE/PEM membrane comes into play), and returning the now pure Hydrogen Ions back into the water.

Sometimes this can result in the pH of the water increasing, although other factors are at play, and that is not always the case.

In short, Hydrogen Water is not necessarily Alkaline Water, and Alkaline Water is not Hydrogen Water.

There are studies that show benefits to Hydrogen Water, including increasing antioxidants, reducing inflammation, etc. (check out our other blog articles for the studies and sources), I have not come across any studies that show any benefit in drinking Alkaline Water. In fact, I have seen some Alkaline Water companies that deceptively point to studies on "Ionized Alkaline Water", another name for Hydrogen Infused  Alkaline Water, yet the benefits cited are attributable to the Hydrogen aspect of it, not the Alkalinity.

If you have come across a study proving any benefit to Alkaline Water, please comment on the article with a link to that study. Maybe it is exists and I just haven't found it.

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