Why Not Offer A Cordless Backpack Fogger?

Posted by Sam Petegorsky on

That is a question that our customers frequently ask us. After all, no one wants to deal with cords when they have the option of going cordless.This is a subject that I have researched thoroughly, as we had the opportunity to bid on government contracts that preferred a cordless option.

There is an important difference between sprayers and foggers. While sprayers only require a minimal amount of air pressure, the motor on our Liberty Backpack Fogger is significantly more powerful at 1400 Watts.

What is considered a large capacity Lithium Ion Battery of 48V at 2AH, would only produce 96 Watt Hours of power. That would mean that the fogger running on that battery, would last for less than 7 minutes.

The closest we could get with battery powered fogger  that would be remotely comparable to our corded backpack fogger, would have been a fogger with a 40V 22AH battery (total of 880 Watt Hours). This could have been tuned to work at 500W, which is still about 1/3 the power of our corded backpack fogger.

While that may be acceptable to some, the problems wouldn't end their. A battery that size would add 30lbs of weight, and would take up so much space that the reservoir would have to be limited to 5 Liters (half of the capacity of the Liberty ULV Backpack Fogger).

On top of that, a Lithium Ion Battery of that size would not only be expensive, it would also be a logistics nightmare, as recent warehouse fires, have caused shipping companies to crack down on large Lithium Ion Batteries. After all is said and done, an Lithium Ion Backpack Fogger would retail for $1,000+, would have about 1/3 the power, more than double the weight, and half the capacity of our backpack fogger, It would last slighlty over an hour and require 6 hours to fully charge.

We have seen some offer Cordless Packpack Foggers with a 48V 2AH Lithium Ion Batteries running at 350Watts. The sellers made a claim in their advertising that the foggers last for an hour on a single charge. Unsurprisingly, some buyers left comments that their foggers were defective, as they only lasted around 20 minutes. The fact is, that unknown to the buyers, that is not a defect, it is a mathematical fact, that a battery of that size, can only run a 350 Watt fogger for around 20 minutes (not to mention the fact that the video they showed adverstising the fogger, was actually of a corded fogger, as the cordless is significantly less powerful).

There are some electrostatic sprayers that run on rechargeable batteries, however, those are sprayers, not foggers, and as per their manufacturers instructions, the effective range is only 5 feet, which is comparable to our handheld cordless fogger.

So that, in short (or maybe not so short), is why we do not offer a cordless backpack fogger




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