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While many videos have made their way to the internet, showing foggers emitting massive plumes of clouds to combat the Covid-19 virus, information regarding foggers in general, the various types of foggers available, and their role in fighting the virus, has been more scarce.

To begin with, there are primarily two types of foggers, steam foggers, and cold foggers. The ones that you have likely seen in videos, with the massive plumes of smoke, would be steam foggers. Steam foggers, generate a mist, or steam, by heating a liquid, and then using a blower to disperse that liquid.

While steam foggers maybe a viable option for certain pest control functions, they are not a viable option for use in disinfection for a few reasons. Steam foggers typically work best with oil based solutions. The oil in the solution heats to a boil, creating the steam. Disinfectants are all water based, at least all that I am aware of, so it would not create the steam that is necessary for use with a steam fogger.

Even if one were to obtain a steam fogger, that can heat a water based solution into a steam, aside for the fact that steam it would generate would be dangerously hot, there is an even bigger issue. Most, if not all, disinfectants deteriorate in extreme heat, and some, can create a dangerous gas. So at best the disinfecting would be ineffective, at worst, it could be extremely dangerous.

This brings us to cold fogging. In cold fogging, the liquid solution is not compromised, rather similar to a sprayer, it uses air pressure, to disburse the solution in the reservoir. Where it differs from a sprayer, is that a ULV, or Ultra Low Volume, cold fogger has smaller particles than a sprayer (under 50 microns is typically considered a fogger, whereas over 50, may be considered a sprayer.

The fogger achieves this by using a high powered motor, far stronger than what is used for a sprayer, and by having a diffuser which rotates to further break up the liquid into smaller particles

The benefit of a fogger over a sprayer is two-fold, the smaller particles allow for greater coverage while using a much smaller amount of product, and it also provides the ability to disburse the product without saturation

So if your primary goal is to create a big cloud of steam, a Cold ULV Fogger, may not be the best tool for that. however, if you are looking for a way to disburse disinfectant efficiantly and with a large area of coverage, that the Liberty ULV Fogger is an excellent tool to achieve your goal

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