The Benefits of Hydrogen Water (Part 2)

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As we had mentioned in our last post on the subject, when we set out to sell Hydrogen Water Bottles, it was not due to any specific knowledge of the benefits of Hydrogen Water. It was solely because we knew there was an existing and growing market for it.

Considering we already had the knowledge and expertise in bringing high quality electrolyzed water generators to market, we figured, since people were buying them anyways, we may as wall offer them a high quality option to purchase (and items that are accurately described and tested).

Since then, we have done some research. Our last post touched on the benefits of Hydrogen Infused Water as an anti-oxidant, as well the benefits in cholesterol levels.

There are numerous studies regarding Hydrogen Water and their effectiveness and benefits for various conditions. The common thread of virtually all of these studies, is that they are virtually all very small scale studies.

This is not surprising, as large scale studies are extremely expensive. Test subjects need to be paid over an extended period of time, researches need to be paid etc. When the items being tested have a big potential payoff for large companies, they are willing to fund that expense, large companies have designated budgets for research and development specifically for this purpose.

However, when there is no clear payoff for larger companies, then they have no incentive to fund those studies. While Hydrogen Infused Water makes up 10% of the bottled water market in Japan, this does not provide an incentive for beverage companies to fund these studies. After all, if there is a large scale consumer shift to Hydrogen Water, this will likely not add new market share to these beverage companies.

More likely any increase in sales in Hydrogen Water Products, would likely come at the cost of their other products. Add to that the fact that Hydrogen water needs specialized equipment to produce and is more expensive to package, and it would seem that beverage companies may be better off if the Consumption of Hydrogen Water did not grow in popularity.(similar reasoning can explain the dearth of studies regarding Hypochlorous Acid, relative to the benefits it provides).

I had initially intended to write a series of articles regarding different studies that have been done with Hydrogen Water. Luckily, I found an article published by the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation that did it for me. For some uses, Hydrogen Water has been found to beneficial, for others, not so much. That shouldn't come as a surprise. On the contrary, if someone were to claim that a product exists that would be a cure all for everything, that would be highly suspect.

Attached is a link to the article, it was published in December 2018, so I will continue to be on the lookout for any new studies that occur. Here is a link to that article

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