New to Market, Large Capacity 9 Liter HOCl Generator

Posted by Sam Petegorsky on

We don't always write a post when we offer a new product, but this one is unique. We sell a lot of Liberty Backpack Foggers, and customers are constantly asking what disinfectants to use with it.

While there are certainly conventional options for large capacity foggers, unless someone is able to spend time running 5 cycles on our 2L HOCl generator, or paying a small fortune to purchase it pre-bottled, Hypochlorous Acid, was not an option.

Well, not any more. Our 9 Liter HOCl generator is a game changer. Using less than 1/2 a tablespoon of salt per liter, it can generate 9 liters of 300ppm HOCl in a single half hour cycle

  • 9 Liter Reservoir
  • Touch Button Controls
  • High Quality Dual Platinum Titanium Coated electrodes
  • 65 Watts of Power

This product is new to the market, we have a very limited quantity in stock, and it is a special order item. For more information or to purchase click here to or give us a call at 732-523-0498

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