Hydrogen Water Generator Sport Bottle With SPE/PEM Membrane LB-HW-SP1

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The Liberty LB-HW-SP1 Hydrogen Water Generator is a high quality, light weight Hydrogen Generator, perfect for the person seeking a portable Hydrogen Generator without sacrificing quality.

It's light weight (around 11 ounces) make it easy to take on the go, while its flip top cap with a built in spout, make it easy to pour, or drink straight from the bottle. While a built in rechargeable battery allows you to run up to 15 cycles on a single charge.

Despite it's portability, there was no compromise on quality. The SPE/PEM membrane is made by 3M, the glass is made by Eastman, and the Titanium / Platinum plated electrodes are produced by a high quality manufacturer in Japan. The Liberty LB-HW-SP1 Hydrogen Water Generator is pinnacle of quality and portability.


  • 500ml Capacity
  • SPE/PEM Membrane from 3M
  • Rechargeable Battery for up to 15 cycles on a single charge
  • High Quality, yet light weight Eastman Tritan Glass
  • 2 hours charge time with included USB Cord
  • High Quality Platinum/Titanium Electrodes
  • Easy Pour Spout with Water Tight Flip-Top cover
  • Lightweight at 11.3 oz
  • Generates Hydrogen at a concentration of up to 1500ppb

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