Hydrogen Water Generators

Studies have shown Hydrogen Infused Water can provide health benefits including, increasing antioxidant levels, reducing inflammation, and lowering cholesterol, but not all hydrogen water bottles are the same.

Hydrogen Generators work by electrolysing water (H20) which causes the Hydrogen Ions to separate from the Oxygen Ions. What happens next is important, as the Oxygen molecules take the form of Ozone (O2).

With the inferior Hydrogen Water Bottles, the Ozone is released into the water along with the Hydrogen. Our Hydrogen water bottles feature a high quality SPE/PEM membrane, which blocks the hydrogen from entering back into the water, and it is then expelled from the bottle via a small vent in the bottom.

Additional differences in quality are reflected in the electrodes, and the material of the bottle itself So while there maybe 2 Hydrogen Water Bottles that look similar, they can in fact be very different. Liberty Sprayers only offers the highest quality Hydrogen Water Bottles