Liberty Cordless Handheld Fogger V1 HVLP for Pest Control and Disinfecting

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The Liberty HVLP Fogger / Sprayer is a high quality versatile tool that is suitable for multiple roles. With the smaller nozzles, it works well as a cordless fogger, by emitting a fine, uniform mist with a coverage area of up to 5 feet. Switch to a larger nozzle, and it makes an excellent sprayer for stains and polyurethane

Like our other handheld sprayer, the front half of the sprayer detaches with a push of a button for easy cleaning


Pest Control, Disinfection, Stain/ Polyurethane Sprayer, Garden / Grow Room, Mold Remediation, Odor Removal


Cordless with 18V 2AH Lithium Ion battery

Includes 3 different nozzles for different projects (1mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm)

Includes Charger

Motor speed 18000 RPM

Maximum Viscosity 60 DIN-Secs

800ML reservoir 

High Quality Brass Nozzles

Maximum output 350 ml per minute (depending on viscosity of fluid)

Approximately 16 minutes continuous run time, re-charges fully in less than an hour

Adjustable spray pattern and flow rate for maximum control

Detachable head for easy cleaning

Weighs 3.6lbs when empty

Comes Complete With

Cordless Spray Gun

18V Lithium Ion Battery with Power Supply for charging

3 spray nozzles 1mm,1.8mm, 2.5mm included

Viscosity Measuring Cup (not necessary when used with disinfectant, but useful when used with some paints if dilution is required)


Click the link below to watch a demo of this product being used for pest control

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