Fruit and Vegetable Purifier / Hypochlorous Acid Generator 13 Liter

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The Liberty 13 Liter HOCl Generator/ Fruit and Vegetable Purifier is a dual purpose appliance that can be used as either a Hypochlorous Acid Generator, or as a Fruit and Vegetable Purifier. Just add water, and it will utilizes the latest in electrolysis technology to create Hydroxy Radicals which is a powerful disinfecting agent.

Hydroxy Radicals are a powerful disinfecting agent that occur naturally in the environment as well as in the human body. They break down the cell components of viruses, bacteria, allergens, pesticides, and dyes

The limitation of Hydroxy Radicals is that it has an extremely short shelf life. Meaning that it is only effective, as long as the Hydroxy Radicals are being continuously generated (as long as the machine is running).  So producing Hydroxy Infused water to disinfect surfaces would not be viable.

Fortunately, like many of our products, our Fruit and Vegetable Sterilizer is dual purpose. By adding NON- IODIZED Salt and Vinegar to stabilize the pH, it makes a highly effective Hypochlorous Acid Generator.

We ran a test  on this machine filling it with 13 Liters of Water, adding around 7 tablespoons of Kosher Salt and 5 Tablespoons of Vinegar to stabilize the pH. After running the machine on the "Hydroxy Water" 20 minute cycle. The solution tested at around 200ppm of Hypochlorous Acid

Product Features

  • Large 13 Liter Capacity
  • Included Basket for Produce
  • Powerful Circulating Fan (not necessary if use to produce HOCl)
  • Multiple Control Settings (timed settings, circulating fan on certain settings)
  • Integrated Touch Button Draining Function (excellent for emptying HOCl into container or fogger)
  • Powerful Electrode

Please note, this is a large, heavy product, weighing 19lbs when empty and almost 50lbs when full of solution. It is highly recommended to keep this product near a source of water make it easier to fill, and to use the drain function to empty.






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