Electrolyzed Water Generators

Liberty Sprayers offers a number of Electrolyzed Water Generators for a variety of applications. Water electrolysis helps recreate, in a concentrated manner, elements that already exist in nature. The use of electrolyzing water has been growing in popularity in recent years, as a natural alternative for a variety of applications.

Fruit and vegetable purifiers are an effective solution for those who enjoy consuming produce, but are weary of the residual pesticide and bacteria they may contain. Our fruit an vegetable purifiers use electrolysis to create Hydroxy Radicals that degrade pesticides and destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses at the molecular level.

Hypochlorous Acid is a strong, yet completely safe oxidizing agent. It is highly effective as a virucide, fungicide, disinfectant and at eliminating odors. By just adding salt and vinegar to stabilize the pH our Hypochlorous Generators can create an unlimited, cheap supply of HOCl. All of our fruit and vegetable purifiers, also act as effective HOCl Generators when Salt and Vinegar is added.

Hydrogen infused Water has been found to have a number of benefits. Studies have found that it greatly increases anti-oxidants, promotes healing, and improves athlete recovery.

Our Hydrogen Water Generators all contain high quality SPE/PEM membranes, which separate and the ozone from the water and expel it from the bottom of the device. Providing all the benefits of Hydrogen Water, without the drawbacks that exist with lower quality devices