Liberty Hydrogen Water Generator SPE/PEM Membrane

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Normally, I limit the listing descriptions to the data and performance of our items, but in this case I am going to have to make an exception. This Hydrogen Water Generator is a thing of beauty, featuring brushed stainless steel contrasting with polished stainless steel, and polished beveled glass on top. The pictures do not do it justice (waiting for the photographer to come in to remedy that).

  • SPE/BEM Membrane
  • Double walled, high quality glass bottle
  • 380ml capacity (about 12oz)
  • Rechargeable, 2.5-3 Hours to fully charge, 15-20 cycles once charged
  • Pleasant LED light display when working
  • Integrated vent for Ozone and Chlorine exhaust
  • Beautiful design utilizing Quality Materials
  • Up to 1500ppb of Hydrogen

Now, onto the performance of the Hydrogen Generator. It features high quality, double walled glass, platinum/titanium alloy plated electrodes an SPE/PEM membrane, and built in rechargeable battery (via USB), and for those who enjoy a show, it has built in LED colored lights that alternate while in use.

The importance of having a high quality SPE/PEM membrane is that the electrolysing process naturally creates excess Ozone, not something you would want to drink. The SPE/PEM membrane allows the positively charged Hydrogen Ion to pass through into the water thereby enriching it, while blocking  Ozone which contains electrons from passing into the water, and are vented out through the bottom.

We were considering offering a larger, plug in, Hydrogen Generator. However the hydrogen dissipates relatively quickly, typically within 45 minutes to an hour, so it is not something you would make a large batch of and keep in the fridge. This size is excellent for single servings, and the smaller size is more convenient for storage

Link to our Blog Article on the benefits of drinking Hydrogen Water





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