Liberty Handheld Cordless Fogger
Liberty Handheld Cordless Fogger

Liberty Handheld Cordless Fogger

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Common uses

Disinfecting Fogger

Paint Sprayer



If you are looking for handheld fogger for use in areas without an electric outlet, than the Liberty Handheld Rechargeable Fogger maybe is the tool for you.  The Liberty Handheld Rechargeable Fogger is a versatile, dependable tool that packs significant power in a small package.

It's HVLP Technology insures an even, uniform application of product, and when used with the included 1.8mm nozzle, produces a fine mist consisting of small particles. This allows for maximum coverage while reducing waste and over-spray.

Ideal for use in vehicles or individual offices

Product Features

Rechargeable, 20V,  2AH, Lithium Ion Battery

800 ML reservoir

Adjustable Spray

One Hour Quick Charge

Low maintenance, Lightweight and Easy to Use

Can also be used as a paint sprayer

CE GS SA Certified

Includes 2 Nozzles (1.8mm and 2.5MM)


Please note, the color of the item in the video is not the color of the item you will receive. The current stock we have, is the same color as the one in the picture