Hypochlorous Acid Generator 9 Liter Large Capacity

Hypochlorous Acid Generator 9 Liter Large Capacity

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Until now, those who needed disinfectant for large capacity foggers and sprayers had limited options. They could use other types of disinfectants, purchase extremely costly, bottled Hypochlorous Acid, or run multiple cycles with a smaller Hypochlorous Acid Generator

Our New 9 Liter Capacity Hypochlorous Acid Generator is a game changer. It features large, Dual, High Quality, Platinum/Titanium plated electrodes backed by 65 Watts of power to generate 9 Liters of Hypochlorous Acid quickly and efficiently.

As we do with all our products, we ran a test on this unit, and using 4 Tablespoons of salt (less than 1/2 a tablespoon per liter), this HOCl generator created a solution of more than 200ppm on a half hour cycle.

If there is a more powerful, portable HOCl Generator on the market, we haven't seen it

Please note, this item is a special order item, we have a very limited quantity in stock.

Due to the uniqueness of this product, and the fact it is new to the market, we prefer to discuss the function and features of the products prior to the sale, so we will not be selling it off the website.

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