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This is a great quality product, but before we get into the details. This item is being sold at a discounted price due to the fact that the contract manufacturer made an error, and printed the text for the control buttons in a foreign language

The controls themselves are simple, the buttons have icons of different items with text underneath. Those different settings only reflect different times for the cycle to run, ranging from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, and the cycle time is displayed on the screen when the button is pressed. (see video below).

Product Specifications

  • Large 9 Liter Capacity to make large batches of Hypochlorous Acid
  • High Quality, Oversized Platinum/ Titanium corrosion resistant electrodes
  • Touch button controls with cycle timer count-down
  • Integrated gravity fed drain with hose makes it easy to empty
  • High Quality Construction

The Liberty 9 Liter HOCl Generator/ Fruit and Vegetable Purifier is a dual purpose appliance that can be used as either a Hypochlorous Acid Generator, or as a Fruit and Vegetable Purifier. When water only is added, it will utilizes the latest in electrolysis technology to create Hydroxy Radicals which is a powerful disinfecting agent.

The limitation of Hydroxy Radicals is that it has an extremely short shelf life. Meaning that it is only effective, as long as the Hydroxy Radicals are being continuously generated (as long as the machine is running).  So producing Hydroxy Infused Water to disinfect surfaces would not be viable.

Fortunately, like many of our products, our Fruit and Vegetable Sterilizer is dual purpose. By adding NON- IODIZED Salt and Vinegar to stabilize the pH, it makes a highly effective Hypochlorous Acid Generator.

We ran a test  on this machine filling it with 9 Liters of Water, adding around 4 tablespoons of Kosher Salt and 3 Tablespoons of Vinegar to stabilize the pH. We then ran the machine on a 15 minute cycle. The Results were impressive generating Hypochlorous Acid with a concentration of 250-300ppm. Even greater concentrations of HOCL can be achieved by either adding more salt, or running a second consecutive cycle.

This is a great product at a great price. We only have very limited quantities available at this time, and due to current delays in the supply chain, and increases in material costs, it may be a little while before we get more in


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