About Us

About Us

In early 2020, when searching for foggers to use in disinfecting, I noticed a a lot of conflicting information regarding the efficacy of various products. Not only that, but I would often see seemingly identical products, often listed on the same website, with different product specifications.

Recognizing a void in the marketplace, I set out to do something about it. First researching articles and studies, then reaching out via our contacts in contract manufacturing to bring to market our first product, the Liberty ULV Backpack Fogger.

Since that time, we have introduced additional products using the same model. Doing intensive research, then working with manufacturers to bring high quality products to market, at an affordable price.

Researching what not to sell

When we do product research, not only does it inform which products we sell, but it also informs us what products not to sell. For example, based on our research, there is no evidence that electrostatic sprayers provide a benefit over ULV foggers, on the contrary,  ULV Foggers provide superior range and coverage, as a result, we do not sell electrostatic sprayers.

Another example is battery powered backpack foggers. Backpack foggers require powerful motors in order to be effective. The 1400W motors our backpack foggers  would burn through an oversized 20V 4 AH battery in less than 5 minutes.to short to be practical, considering the only option would be to sell an under-powered battery backpack fogger, we do not offer one

Accurate product descriptions

What we suspected prior to bringing products to market, was only confirmed once we began working with manufacturers. Many products being sold online, including in some of the largest online marketplaces, are being sold with false and misleading product descriptions.

Before we bring any product to market, we thoroughly test it both, to insure product quality, as well as the accuracy of the product descriptions.

Ongoing Research

Our research does not end once we bring a product to market. Our research int our products as well as new applications for them is ongoing, and we often post informative articles in our Blogs.

Affordable Quality

Although it may sound like an oxymoron, that is what Liberty Sprayers provides. We only offer quality products, and will not sell products we do not believe in. Our products are made with quality components, providing superior value to our customers. At the same time, by cutting out the middle man, and selling direct to consumer, we are able to offer highly competitive pricing.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide quality products at affordable prices. As we continue to  add selected products to our product line, we hope you join us on our journey.

Sam Petegorsky

President Liberty Spayers a division of Business Technology Resale