About Us

What began as a mission, has developed into a passion. It was only 5 months ago that like many businesses, my company Business Technology Resale, a reseller of IT and Telecom Hardware, was facing a severe slowdown in business due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Our corporate customers, facing a downturn in their own businesses, were not investing in purchases of IT or Telecom Hardware.

This lead us on a journey in search of products that would be valuable to our customers regardless of the economy, and would be of particular benefit at this time.

We had noticed was that foggers, once limited for use in pest control and mold remediation, where becoming a popular and effective means to disburse disinfecting solutions.

What we also noticed, was that the state of the Fogger Market was like shopping at a flea market. with vendors who often knew as little about the products they sold as their customers, making inflated claims. There were also some vendors who were established in the niche market of foggers for pest control, but the products had not evolved for decades, and customer service non-existent.

We had discovered product where our contacts with contract manufacturers, and logistics as well as our experience in customer service and product development could make a difference.

I did a deep dive into foggers, sprayers and disinfecting in general, spending countless hours becoming as knowledgeable about the subject as possible. Continuously acquiring knowledge of these products and subjects has become a passion, and something I dedicate time to almost every day.

The next step was reaching out to contract manufacturers and working with them to refine products that would best meet our customers needs. Whether it was working with contract manufacturers to add extra padding on a backpack fogger, or insisting that the products were UL Listed to meet NIOSH requirements we tweaked the products to provide maximum value.

After that came testing. We won't sell a product that we have not tested and  used ourselves. Some of the products make it to our website, while products that we are not satisfied with, don't make the cut. We have also purchased and tested our competitors products, to insure that what we offered was an improvement over their offerings

Our first product was the Liberty ULV Backpack Fogger, an item of which their are now hundreds of satisfied customer. The next products are the Liberty Handheld HVLP Fogger and Cordless Handheld HVLP Fogger, these were developed in response to customers requests for a portable fogger that can be used in small areas and have a small footprint for storage. As of now, we have only received a small advanced shipment of these items, but we have more inbound, and will soon have inventory to meet the  existing demand for this product.

Due to our rigorous standards, product development is a slow process for us, however, we are excited about the products we have in the pipeline, including large capacity battery powered garden sprayers, with enough battery capacity to last for a full day of spraying, as well as Portable Hypochlorous Acid Generators for use with our foggers.

We also  have a battery powered backpack fogger in the development. Battery powered foggers  will never have the same performance as our current Backpak ULV Fogger (at least not with current technology, however, there is a market for those who need a cordless option, and we intend to bring the best product to the market for them, and have it available in 4-6 weeks).

The last piece is customer service. I am fully aware that for many of our customers, this may be their first time using a fogger, and have made it a priority to be available for any questions which may arise, both prior and post  sale, answering all calls and e-mails within a 24 hours.

Liberty Sprayers started out of necessity, but it has turned into a passion. A passion that has turned an "About Us" page into a thesis.  I know, it is a strange thing to be passionate about, I can't explain it, and some might suggest I receive counseling for it, but let my obsession benefit you.

Sam Petegorsky

President Liberty Spayers a division of Business Technology Resale