Hypochlorous Acid Generator 12 Liter Large Capacity

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Until now, those who needed disinfectant for large capacity foggers and sprayers had limited options. They could use other types of disinfectants, purchase extremely costly, bottled Hypochlorous Acid, or run multiple cycles with a smaller Hypochlorous Acid Generator.

Our 12 Liter Capacity Hypochlorous Acid Generator fills that need in the market.  It is a high quality HOCl generator that Produces 12 liters, or 3 gallons of Hypochlorous Acid in a single cycle. It features 4 corrosion resistant Platinum/Rhodium plated electrodes backed by 85 Watts of power.

  • Large 12 Liter Capacity
  • 4 Platinum / Rhodium Plated Electrodes
  • 3 different settings. 15,18 and 30 minutes
  • 85 Watts of Power
  • Reservoir separates from the base for easier cleaning
  • High Quality Construction
  • Includes packet of 15 chlorine test papers

As with all our HOCl generators, the only ingredients you will need to generate HOCl is non-iodized salt (Kosher Salt) and vinegar to lower and stabilize the PH. HOCl Generators can either produce Hypochlorous Acid, or Hypochlorite (household bleach, not a desired outcome).  What determines the final product is the pH level. At a pH of 3.5-5.5 the solution will be 100% Hypochlorous Acid. As the pH rises the solution will become a mixture of HOCl and Hypochlorite, the higher the pH, the more Hypochlorite their will be in the solution.

We had some test runs on this unit at the full 12 liters, and these are the result we got.

With 5.5 Tablespoons of salt, at the 1/2 Hour Cycle it generated 100ppm of HOCl

With 11 Tablespoons of Salt at a 1/2 Hour Cycle it generated 200ppm of HOCl

At full capacity, 12 Liters of liquid weighs around 24lbs. To more easily transfer the HOCl from the reservoir, it is recommended to use a siphon to transfer the solution from the generator to the fogger or storage bottles

It is recommended to use chlorine test strips and a pH Tests Strips or pH meter when using an HOCl generator, in order to adjust the salt and vinegar to create the solution according to your preferences.

For more information regarding the Hypochlorous Acid, check out the articles in our blog page.



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